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Inspector is infrastructure project management software that real-time transparently integrates AUTOCAD, GIS, and automated price-quantity-bid calculation. This enables high-resolution planning, verifiable accuracy in materials quantification, and real-time in-the-field execution of location-exact construction and supervision. 


Our platform elegantly addresses a set of inefficiencies in the process of planning and building infrastructure, with benefits to all major stakeholders including governments and developers, planners and project managers, and the communities you serve.  


Using patented technology, automation, and an integrated set of changes to the process, we improve the quality and reduce the costs and time of infrastructure projects by at least 15% and usually up to 33%.  These cost and time savings are often worth tens of millions of dollars per project and shorten projects by months or years. This value we deliver can be measured and proven in the real world.

Infrastructure is a legacy industry.  While designing and building skyscrapers or airports is now primarily cutting edge 3D design and implementation, infrastructure still mostly uses older methods of planning, estimating, adjusting, and project management - untill now.

Inspector enables automatic extraction of quantities from AutoCAD files using integration of multilevel legends, compares the data with the bill of quantities generated by a planner, and quantifies the exact cost of an urban infrastructure planning project in real time.

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