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  • How much does Inspector cost?
    We charge tiered subscription Per project / Per month depending on the size of the project. Please contact us to get a quotation and product demo.
  • How much money can be saved using Inspector?
    On average, using inspector, our customers reduce tender costs by 10-40%. In addition, they save more time during the project implementation process, and lower maintainance costs, as well as increase project durability and life span.
  • Why is Inspector different than other PM software?
    The implementation of Inspector Hierarchical Legend (IHL) in the planning stage of the project enables creation of a unified standard, high resolution planning, and automatic file quantification, which creates a significant advantage for all further stages of the project.
  • Can planners continue using Autocad software?
    Planners can continue using Autocad for planning, and will not be required to change their way of work or buy any additional planning software. The integration is seamless.
  • How does oversight and supervision work with Inspector?
    Inspector provides superimposition between planning files on top of a GIS map, while all project team members are able to view the reconciled planning files. This creates significant value during all stages of the project and for all relevant team members, including the superior ability of the project manager to control and supervise every step of the project in real time.
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